Eu-Rec Wertstoffhandels GmbH Logistik & Consulting  Eu-Rec Wertstoffhandels GmbH Logistik & Consulting
We specialize in recovered paper and our name is our business. Eu-Rec stands for European Recycling. We are right at home in this sector which has been harnessing the ecological value of recovered paper since 1995.

We have comprehensive market knowledge and particular logistic expertise on the removal and supply of recovered paper at our disposal. We have excellent longstanding contacts with national and international paper factories. As a result, we have continuity and security of supply through long-term agreements and supply contracts.

It does not matter whether it comes from waste disposal companies, or printing companies, publishing houses, supermarkets or from household collections – we take on recovered paper at current market prices, bundle the various qualities into economically sensible quantities and send it directly to the paper industry without any intermediaries.
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Eu-Rec Wertstoffhandels GmbH
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