Eu-Rec plast GmbH  Eu-Rec plast GmbH
Eu-Rec plast GmbH was founded in 2005. At our recycling plant we process PE film to form agglomerates and regranulates.

Our aim is to operate plastic businesses independent of the global market and especially of the East Asian market, and to produce raw materials/products for the plastic processing industry. We are certified as both a specialist disposal company and in accordance with the Packaging Ordinance for the processing of the film portion of the dual recycling system. Our current yearly output capacity is approximately 24,000 metric tons.

We have one of the most modern and highly developed recycling facilities for PE film in Europe and it is one of the three largest of its kind in Germany. Due to our location at Trier Harbor, we have a direct water link to Rotterdam and Antwerp via the Trier Container Terminal and we are thus able to load our products into overseas containers and ship them by sea in Trier.

Method description for plastic recycling
- Optical quality control of the balls of film delivered
- Removal of coarse impurities and loosening of the film
- Pre-shredding in a Zeno Shredder
- Additional shredding in a Zeno cutting mill
- Further transport of the film shreds to 2 storage bins
- Washing of film shreds in 2 drop basins
- Pre-extraction in centrifuges
- Extraction of film in screw presses (up to 10% residual moisture)
- Further transport of the film to a storage bin
- Agglomeration of film in sheet compactors, or
- Processing in 2 extruders into translucent, colored or brightly colored granulates
- Transportation of final products in silo vehicles or in big bags

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