Entsorgung, Aufbereitung und Verwertung  Treatment, Recycling, Environmentally-friendly disposal


Eu-Rec processes approx. 24,000 metric tons of plastic annually from collections of dual systems into categorized recycling materials. We take on recovered paper at current market prices, bundle the various qualities into economically sensible quantities and send them to the paper industry directly, without any intermediaries.

Secondary raw material is valuable material which does not belong in landfills but should be put back into the cycle of materials. This protects the environment's resources and furthermore saves energy and raw materials. Apart from that, recycling means fewer CO2 emissions.
Environmentally-friendly disposal

Products come onto the market, are consumed and then disposed of. A lot of valuable materials can be recovered due to the current level of technology. A requirement is environmentally-friendly disposal and further processing. As certified waste disposal specialists, we purchase directly from waste disposal companies, and also printer's shops, publishing houses, supermarkets and from household collections.
Recycling – for our common future!

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